Review Essay of Printing Colour Project, L’Illustrazione

The latest issue of L’Illustrazione, the first journal dedicated to the history of book illustrations, praises the Printing Colour Project for leading ‘a remarkable change of perspective’ (103) in a seven-page review essay that spans its history from 2011, assessing its conferences, publications, exhibitions, and training events.

It’s thrilling to know that these activities deliver on the aim to ‘present a picture as complete as possible of the current state of research, according to a deeply interdisciplinary approach that includes the history of art, the history of the book, bibliography, conservation science, and research on technical sources and printing practice’ (104).

The review essay is a thoughtful, careful assessment of so many people’s work over so many years. It’s a great honour.  Thank you, Ilaria Andreoli and L’Illustrazione. We hope to see you at our next events!

Ilaria Andreoli, review of Printing Colour 1400-1700, L’Illustrazione 2/2 (2018), 103–110

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