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Ad Stijnman, ed. Simon Turner
Ouderkerk aan den IJssel: Sound & Vision; Rijksmuseum, 2017

Ad Stijnman, Johannes Teyler, ed. Simon Turner (Ouderkerk aan den IJssel: Sound & Vision, 2017), 4 vols.The New Hollstein Dutch & Flemish Etchings, Engravings and Woodcuts 1450–1700
4 volumes, 1,280 pages, 1,100 colour illustrations
ISBN 9789491539343, 9789491539344, 9491539345
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Huigen Leeflang and Pieter Roelofs, eds.
HERCULES SEGERS: Painter, Etcher
Amsterdam: Rijksmuseum, 2016

Cover of Huigen Leeflang and Pieter Roelofs, eds, Hercules Segers - Painter Etcher: A Catalogue Raisonne (Amsterdam: Rijksmuseum, 2017), 2 vols.

2 vols., 700 pages, full colour
ISBN 9462083460
Coinciding with the exhibitions The Mysterious Landscapes of Hercules Segers (Metropolitan Museum of Art) & Hercules Segers ( Rijksmuseum)
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Contributors: Dionysia Christoforou, Erik Hinterding, Nadine M. Orenstein, Ad Stijnman, Jaap van der Veen, Arie Waller

Ad Stijnman & Elizabeth Savage, eds.
Histories, Techniques, Functions & Receptions
Leiden: Brill, 2015

Library of the Written Word – The Handpress World 41
ISBN: 9789004269682; E-ISBN 9789004290112
Coinciding exhibition: German Renaissance Colour Prints (British Museum)
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Contributors: Nancy Ash, Lucia Burgio, Alexander Dencher, Haddon A. Dine, Anja Grebe, Jo-Fan Huang, Mayumi Ikeda, Alice Klein, Elmer Kolfin, Shelley Langdale, Marjolein Leesberg, Jun Nakamura, Doris Oltrogge, Beth A. Price, Marrigje Rikken, Kathryn M. Rudy, Elizabeth Savage, Linda Stiber Morenus, Ad Stijnman, Keith Sutherland, Naoko Takahatake, Simon Turner, Andreas Uhr, Edward H. Wouk

Melanie Grimm, Claudia Kleine-Tebbe, Ad Stijnman
Entwicklungen des Farbdrucks 1500-1800
Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2011

Wolfenbüttler Hefte 29
ISBN 978-3-447-06457-6
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Ad Stijnman, with Claudia Kleine-Tebbe
Anfänge der Druckgraphik, 1420-1515
Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2009

Wolfenbütteler Hefte 26
ISBN 9783447061537
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Bibliography of Publications on pre-1920 Colour Printing in the West
Ad Stijnman

Click here to download the Bibliography of Western Colour Printing until 1920 (PDF 0.5MB)

This working bibliography represents most monographs and many exhibition catalogues, auction and sales catalogues, dissertations, articles, chapters, and passages that contribute to the early history of Western colour printing up to the beginning of the twentieth century.

Excepting Adam von Bartsch’s first catalogue of Italian chiaroscuro woodcuts of 1811, the serious study of historical colour printing techniques began in the late nineteenth century. In 1910, Robert Burch published the first comprehensive survey of colour prints and colour printing from the fifteenth century until his days. It waned in the 1930s and was (slightly) revived from the 1960s, but with a narrow focus on Italian chiaroscuro woodcut. The literature focuses on four themes:

  • Letterpress work in the first years of printing by Johann Gutenberg (1390/1400–1468) and his immediate followers Johann Fust and Peter Schöeffer, c.1455–1457
  • Illustrations printed by Erhard Ratdolt (1442–1528), especially in the 1480s and 1490s
  • Italian chiaroscuro woodcuts, 1516–c.1600
  • French colour prints from the later eighteenth century.

Although interest in these themes continued, especially concerning chiaroscuro prints, new and broader research strands in the use of colour in print research began developing in the twenty-first century. Interest in colour on prints more generally was spurred by Susan Dackerman’s exhibition catalogue of hand-painted prints of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, which was the first scholarly assessment of the topic, in 2002. In 2011, Ad Stijnman and Elizabeth Savage organised the first forum to discuss the history of colour printing pre-1700, when most such histories began, and the Printing Colour Project took root. As the history of printed colour is growing into an interdisciplinary field of enquiry, the number of publications is increasing quickly, and their scope is broadening.